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Robert Whitfield, Broker/Owner, Advantage Realtors


This site will provide relevant and useful information and insights about all aspects of Atlanta Real Estate, including market trends, mortgage info and rates, legal and technical subjects we feel would aid and better inform and protect the buying and selling public, not only from other parties, but sometimes even from themselves! Information on homes for sale will include areas The Robert Whitfield Team serves, including In-Town Atlanta, Buckhead, and the Greater North Atlanta area above I-20 including the Counties of Cobb, North Fulton, Cherokee, and Dekalb including the communities and cities of Atlanta, Alpharetta, Buckhead, Marietta, East Cobb, West Cobb, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Woodstock for Home Sellers, and for Home Buyers, we serve the same areas plus virtually all areas from 1-20 north, throughout the North Georgia mountain resort and second home communities to the state line.

The other purpose of this site is to showcase and describe the unique services, extra protections, cutting edge marketing, and diligent representation provided by Robert Whitfield and The Robert Whitfield Team. We will feature some success stories and actual transaction case studies to inform readers as well as to distinguish our unmatched services from the ‘industry standard’ services you can expect from other Atlanta agents/realtors. Weather you choose to work with us or another agent, we want to urge you to take an active role in evaluating and choosing the best agent to represent you in the purchase or sale of your Atlanta property. What we know after years in this business, working with agents from every firm in Atlanta, while representing clients from every walk of life from first time buyers, to corporate executives, entertainers, architects, and attorneys, Atlanta real estate agents are not all they same! On the surface, that doesn’t sound very profound, but when you engage people in any discussion of real estate, if you listen closely, people often talk as if agents ARE all the same! The very services and marketing systems agents provide are not all the same – and thier capabilities, competancies, and most important their client based (not agent based) performance measures are definately not all the same! We have enjoyed working with and become friends with countless well qualified and dedicated agents who we respect and who are a true asset to thier clients to the point that thier client often doesn’t even have a clue how well they were actually served! We have also worked on the opposite sides of transactions with poorly skilled agents (from the most well known national and local firm in Atlanta ) that should be barred from serving the public until thier skills improve! In most of those cases, we singlehandedly held the deal together for the benefit of not only our own buyer or seller client but the other party as well!  Moral of the story – its not the firm that matters – its the individual agent you choose that will make (or break) your deal! Fortunately you do have a choice – but its up to you to choose the best and most qualified expert you can find – and not just “another agent”!

Robert Whitfield is a licensed Broker and the owner of Advantage Realtors and serves clients in In Town Atlanta and all of Greater North Atlanta. Robert lives in the Roswell section of East Cobb with his wife and business partner Hania, and their 11 year old son Robert. Robert is a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, and the International Code Council and is the only real estate professional in metro Atlanta who is also an experienced ICC Certified Building Inspection Professional. Roberts unique talents and complete knowledge of home building, materials, and construction and repair techniques allow him to provide unmatched insight, repair, rehab, and alteration guidance, counsel, and protection to home buyers, sellers, and investors through his complementary structure and major system evaluations. Robert has used his extra qualifications as a construction expert to prevent deals from falling apart for seller clients while refuting bad calls from buyers inspectors and preventing unneccessary and costly repairs. While representing buyers as thier Atlanta Buyer Broker, Robert has saved his clients many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by helping them identify, isolate, and avoid homes with serious structural problems, costly defects, and/or poor construction on both new and existing homes!

Because Roberts due diligence process takes place BEFORE an offer is ever submitted, his clients, unlike the typical buyer, actually know what they are buying before they ever commit to a purchase contract. This unique approach not only assurs Roberts clients of making a sound investment, but they avoid the aggravation and lost time other buyer experience while trying to back out of deals AFTER a bad home inspection has revealed items of great concern! Roberts diligent process is unmatched in Atlanta Real Estate at both insuring a sound troublefree home purchase for Atlanta families, but it also “rapidly sorts through the chaff” to identify the absolute best properties available for each clients individual needs and desires. By assuring clients can spend thier time seeing metro Atlanta’s best properties – while they are still available, clients who are lucky enough to be represented by Robert Whitfield, have the widest possible choices. 

The Robert Whitfield Team

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